Sunday, October 30, 2011

the midwest center co hosts city council meet the candidates night for local city council election

this Tues Nov 1, at 530 pm the midwest center along w the local naacp will host its first meet the candidates night for steubenville city council contested elections...the forum will b thenly public forum this election year for these three city council races.   the Fourth, the Fifth and the at large seat are contested races...This November...the event will b held at'the mlk center in steubenville and all local media will b spech is critical to any democracy and this forum will provide some meqsure of that virtue to'be exercised inside this years elections locally...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Midwest Center for Constitutional Rights

Its important to recognize the link between america's deep past struggles w human freedom and todays human rights and corporatism challenges..

Monday, September 19, 2011

us justice dept annnounces it is stepping up enforcement of 1441 police patttern and practice claims

the us dept of justice civil rights division is stating it has opened 17 investigations into pattern police misconduct in cities across america, reversing a trend among bushs doj that politicized this divisions police accountability enforcement favor of the national FOP interests.

this announcement is curious in that it comes late in the third year of the obama administration and after allegations and criticisms that the dept had been negating and downplaying several high profile police shootings and beating cases around the nations largest metro cities....includng seattle, pittsburgh and elsewhere...

if the statment is an honest anouncement and real policy shift, it is a very newsworthy pronouncement.       this law allows the us justice dept to monitor and regulate local police departments activities concerning civil rights violations inside us cities and towns, which was first implemented and applied by a combined effort between the us justice dept special litigation unit and my self and a small groups of others

police civil rights misconduct done towards the citizens of its own towns and cities....

Thursday, July 7, 2011



oceanside california buys a armoured tank for its routine police work along w 300
other american this artivle indicates

Saturday, May 28, 2011



Ben Lundy...Freedom's champion

Congress votes to renew anti-terrorism steps | Reuters

Congress votes to renew anti-terrorism steps | Reuters

The U.S. congess without so much of a true serious split
between Dems and Republicans, made clear this week

that they had no problem with the growth of police state
America....and the continuing erosion of civil liberites

in the U.S. vis a vis the federal system

The Founding Fathers and the original colonists
and anti-federalists for sure, would be turning over
in their graves...

if they heard of the ability this "patriot act" gives the
federal govt in such a time as this

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Benjamin Lundy, Pioneer Quaker Abolitionist

Benjamin Lundy, Pioneer Quaker Abolitionist

One hundred years after his death, the Centennial Memorial Committee gathered at the gravesite and dedicated a bronze plaque to the pioneer abolitionist. The tribute, from Whittier, reads, "It was his lot to struggle, for years almost alone, a solitary voice crying in the wilderness, and, amidst all, faithful to his one great purpose, the emancipation of the slaves."

The Genius of Universal Emancipation

The Genius of Universal Emancipation

Lundy's papers and ideas on how he came to
produce and edit his original anti slavery paper
from Mt. Pleasant, Ohio

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lecture on Southeastern Ohio Abolitionists

Lecture on Southeastern Ohio Abolitionists

Saturday, February 12th, at the old Fort Steuben, completely restored to the original historic 2 pm  open to the public and free  Sponsored by both the Old Fort Steuben and the local NAACP

 a lecture by Midwest Center's Director Richard Olivito on the origins of early abolitionism;  the title of which is

"The Southeastern Ohio early abolitionists and the meaning and struggle for American national citizenship" 

From 1817 to Reconstruction till Today, the challenge of the theories behind the concept of national citizenship remains a vital if not pivotal part of the American Experience