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Main Justice � Ohio Police Force Pledges Reform � Print

Main Justice � Ohio Police Force Pledges Reform

This is a unique finding for today's U.S. Civil Rights Division
and it speaks volumes since, they actually made a finding of
a historic pattern of civil rights violation among the citizens of Warren, Ohio ...

this is a very important finding...

it comes way to late for many of us who were stating this was the case
seven years ago...and sadly for many poor citizens and clients, who sued the city and yet were denied their full redress due to the serious recalitrant judge of Northeastern Ohio namely, one of them located in Youngstown's federal courthouse who became so hostile to the very idea of these kinds of lawsuits and who derided every solo lawyer starting w/ myself, who ever dared to bring such a lawsuit seven years ago, against this city..

That judge, a clinton appointee knows who he is and he ought to be the first one the U.S. Justice Department reviews in how he managed and processed these original "2004 civil rights lawsuits"

i managed to win three of these within two years and these cases were also vindicated and upheld at the Sixth Circuit Court of appeals...

yet, the pattern and practice issues was never allowed into the federal court justiciable resolution due to the recalcitrant Clinton appointees posture against the poor citizens claims which arose inside the City of Warren back seven years ago

this victory is a clear vindication of those clients assertions and claims and yet, too, it is a sad almost dark victory...since their claims were largely either settled or dismissed without any such final resolution of this very finding that is announced today by the Justice Dept lawyers...

these lawyers knew of my work and they were first clued into the serious depths of the problem in Warren by this August of 2003.

This investgation was begun in December of 2004, in one of then AG John Ashcroft's last in office decisions before he resigned his position right after Bush won his 04 re election, a move that surpised even myself at the time as noted by the Cleveland Scene Magazine's side notes who said at the that time..."given what just happened w/ John Ashcroft announcing the DOJ investigation into the City of Warren, Ohio, Attorney Richard Olivito is now blowing kisses to him..."...and they had a small picture of me...on the side....

it was their way of reporting in typical sardonic style...important facts that they themselves had reported on..

Youngstown News, Feds, Warren OK police policy

Youngstown News, Feds, Warren OK police policy

this headline is rather seriously misleading...but its the content and
what the U.S. Justice Dept Civil Rights Special Litigation Chief said
about this "agreement" that is critical

And basically it confirms and validates everything i wrote and spoke and
ever litigated inside the U.S. Northern District Courts about the City of Warren's PD since 2003/4 thru the 2008...

"the city of warren maintained a pattern and practice of civil rights violations of excessive force against its own citizens"

that's an encore performance....thanku....and that isn't said arrogantly nor
off center...

its simply true and its what this blog was designed for in the first instance and why the Midwest Center exists