Monday, September 19, 2011

us justice dept annnounces it is stepping up enforcement of 1441 police patttern and practice claims

the us dept of justice civil rights division is stating it has opened 17 investigations into pattern police misconduct in cities across america, reversing a trend among bushs doj that politicized this divisions police accountability enforcement favor of the national FOP interests.

this announcement is curious in that it comes late in the third year of the obama administration and after allegations and criticisms that the dept had been negating and downplaying several high profile police shootings and beating cases around the nations largest metro cities....includng seattle, pittsburgh and elsewhere...

if the statment is an honest anouncement and real policy shift, it is a very newsworthy pronouncement.       this law allows the us justice dept to monitor and regulate local police departments activities concerning civil rights violations inside us cities and towns, which was first implemented and applied by a combined effort between the us justice dept special litigation unit and my self and a small groups of others

police civil rights misconduct done towards the citizens of its own towns and cities....

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