Thursday, December 16, 2010

Director of Midwest Center elected to Local NAACP Executive Committee Board

Given the unique role and history of the strong advocacy of the oldest organized civil rights organization in the U.S., I am very honored, grateful and proud to be able to serve as part of the Steubenville Branch's Executive Committee for the upcoming year within the newly elected administration.

First, I just want to say thanku to all those who put their faith in my candidacy and voted for me to become a part of the executive board inside the NAACP local branch recently. A special recognition goes to immediate past president, Royal Mayo for suggesting and helping me to run for the Executive Committee. I also know many across the region voted and I respect your support and ideas and contribution both in the past and in the future to our NAACP branch.

I have a long commitment to civil rights advocacy in this region and as i learned from my own late father, Judge Dominick Olivito, have always had a strong urge to serve the broad community's interests with an eye towards fairness and equality in treatment for all.

I enjoy a close bond with many of those who have struggled for freedom and equality and inside of our court system in particular, in the past several decades, and i hope i can bring something of the humility and deep sense of purpose that my father did, to the region and to the NAACP local branch and surrounding regions.

There remains a lot of work to be done and under the direction of the new leadership and as a member elect of the new executive committee, we hope to get down to business soon and continue to build upon the fine efforts of those who have come before us to promote opportunity, fairness and equality in all aspects of the Ohio Valley and those arenas which need so much focus to get both minority and poor peoples voices heard and made relevant alongside of all other civic and religious and community oriented groups and local and state governments who have a say in our regional affairs.

....thanku and lets get busy...making some noise...

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