Sunday, November 20, 2016

To  My Midwest Center Friends, Members and fellow Readers and even Distractors:
      Its Time to Speak Again:

    Its been quite some time that I have added anything to the Midwest Center's official blog page.

    The year has expired like a winding road, with its variances and crazy electorial national politics, the routine mind boggling public comments combine with the mind numbing failure of local lawyers and judges and many others across the nation...  who just simply fail their duty, their clients, the legal profession, the system of laws that are in place
to protecct the most basic fundamental due process rights of ours.

Its not only the citizens who are to blame for the recent elections, the disaffected white rust belt voter
and those who have been left out of the elite media blitz we all have been so treated to for the past decade or so,

We here who have been living in the fly over districts of America, have not only seen our jobs and our lives disenfranchised, lost, depressed, corrupted and uphended unlike anything many other places in this nation have not

we also have been treated as  "fly over" in terms of our civil liberties being ignored, trampled upon, mis treated and completely and forever jarred from us, by rude, crass, at times, ignorant eventual trump wanna bes, in office, locally across these midwestern states also.   In particular..for this the very third branches of our midwestern states that just delivered to America its stunning new world order...the presidency of Donald Trump and his rampant nationalistic fervor (fever?) pitched campaign that may lead to our first real serious experience with homegrown modern world fascism.

In other words, this region is NO area of the country to be a civil rights lawyer or advocate as much as its not any place to be a liberal forward thinking politician or media reporter for major mainstream media.

Its the fly over districts of America that have been left out, left behind, forgotten and simply trampled upon and as the Bi Coastal and the southeastern coastal regions of this nation grew exponentially not only in terms of population but jobs, nice condos, beautiful new shopping centers, beautiful landscaped as if 3d printer moulded dream home neighborhoods were simply shipped in and stamped down onto the Florida and Carolinas' east coast or the Georgia and Alabama coastal one's also ...

But rather, its the places like Warren, Waverly and Cadiz Ohio, that grew this nationalism among others like it....where....but for the gas and oil industry fracking efforts of late, with its billion dollar injection of cash into this region, giving many a republican governor the chance to crow that he, not the Texas and Oklahoma industries brought jobs to this once totally defunked, once proud but down on its knees, rust belt 'appalachian' center of the universe

it was here, where its hard working citizens were completely forgotten by the many ambitious politicians and wall street billionaires, of donald trumps cabinet, who sought political refuge in major corporate donors offices, in DC, and many of the east coast, west Coast and southern ocean view
office buildings...

Its for many a reason Donald Trump won this election this year; racism and xenophobia at clearly near its head and not without a good amount of mysiogeny.

But, what else was there?

There was this very extreme, long march to death, long in the tooth, well-developed institutional legal movement with its serious but intentional blundering and slouching ever growing tendency inside our midwestern state and FEDERAL COURT systems that have treated the citizens's individual rights as put forth by the Founding Fathers First Principles as if they were nice written tablets belonging to some archaic past archeological find, from a long ago extinct ancient culture which once roamed the North American continent...

The push and urge we see now taking actual real form and shape in our national elections and most disturbing to many inside our national government with Trumps' election did not begin with just the lost of jobs and long term unemployment, inside the underemployed midwest.

 Its also must give its salute to the Clinton era appointee federal judges who also treated the lowly citizens of Ohio Michigan and Kentucky and western Pa and many other such places across all of America, as if these people were something lesser, something other, something to use for cheap labor and/or to be used for heavy industry labor practices for three or four decades then to be discarded in their pensions as if they were mere fodder, food for the capitalist pigs who took their old tired worn out factories and moved them down south of the border, sometimes, just down to Georgia, or to the republican strongholds of Alabama and Tennessee...

not always, just to Mexico necessarily but just across the Mason -Dixon line.

and not necessarily to China (though so much was actually moved there)...but to Texas and South Carolina and Tennessee ...places where no union was ever truly welcomed..and never will be until Pat Robertson and Jesus together show up on their respective White Horses...

 (and I'm not sure who will be leading that amazing assembly either, after this past decade of the "great migration of jobs southward"....will it not CrefloDollar and his 30 million dollar yatcht crew'? or will it be the Only Son...?}

   not quite sure... after living thru these past years in the midwestern wilderness...

The point being and I'm making this, as a civil rights lawyer who was shockingly 'defrocked'
{never disbarred but just silenced}

sometime ago now ...with the pain and suffering of how that was done to me, and with the shock of the same, fading, the pain a direct factor due to the once very high regard I once enjoyed and viewed along with the high institutional respect I held for the legal profession and the positions of higher laws and Courts  I obtained from my own father, a former 32 year senior trial judge who loved his tomato garden more than any country club...and yet worked in every type of law and in 76 of 88 Ohio counties, from Cincinnati, to Chillicothe, from Columbus and Toledo to Cadiz and Marietta, from Dayton and Youngstown, to Steubenville, and Dillonville, Ohio

yes....i have seen the beast arising inside this nation's heartland ...long before this national election ...

and Ive had the hot breath of the beast of something "other", breathing down on me for years

Not even this nation's highest officers or some of its Highest Government Agencies could stop nor prevent from happening what has happened to me.

more importantly, most if not all, do not even care and no longer feel its even necessary to discuss

but now, perhaps, because of the fears of millions and the threat to muslims and to mexicans
and to so many lesbians and others...

This American white male civil rights lawyers can share his story and have it become relevant
...just maybe

I knew something of what this nation is sensing today...sometime ago...

it started long ago but it became very clear and personal to me
when i was put through for about 3 to 4 years by the Ohio Supreme Court and a local democractic strongly hold's bar associations, about 9 years ago now,

I witnessed and was afforded the private email account treatment, of

how a high court was corrupted by lies and politicization and influenced by serious corporate creepy special interests and mere man's jealousy and yes, a good dose of midwestern institutional racism

I witnessed personally, how easily it was for the highest courts of a entire state and region in both the state and federal judiciaries...

to simply fail...their duty to uphold the concept and truth of what a highly devout christian 19th century figure once authored, fought for and himself paid a terrible price politically for getting into the constitutional framework of this nation. called the 14th Amendment.

and soon afterwards, to witness it to be promptly forgotten and buried and much later, only resurrected merely in bits and pieces case by case, year by year almost a century later, in after a King and Kennedy arose,

they were the ones who critically applied, what this single devout serious equality minded 19th white male from Cadiz, Ohio had envisioned for America....John Bingham's 14th...was the KEY to all of our modern notions of individual equality and due process rights...he authored the most important constituitonal amendment one may say, after the original 10 and the 13th which abolished slavery.   it is easy to forget him.   this nation did afterall for over a century after he wrote the same.   and today??

well, in many many cases, sadly its my experience, in many high courts today, they don't seem to wish to adopt even now, what this pious devout christian white male wrote;

in many instances, the judges on high courts, in many instances are simply imposters

...and have been for a generation now.. they are just as much responsible for the rise of any would be dictator whether or not its Trump or some other would be strongman, to rise in the near future, over America,  for they themselves, these high courts, have invited in and conjoured up such a spirit of NON DUE process, with resulting shocking outcomes and surprising what would to the ordinary citizen and American would readily think is only just and fair and equal

the federal and state courts of America, particularly in the midwest regions of America have been well ahead of the national mood and curve in burying the individual rights contained in the 14th Amendment for years...

in a significant manner, places and times, they have plowed the ground and seasoned the roots of the rise of a modern tyranny.

its not the tyranny of old, like in France with Napolean or a Roman like Caesar..

its not the third world dictator tyranny ...and its not even the garden variety Soviet style tyrant modern or former like Stalinists flavor;

no rather, its a tyranny by another name, another form

and its been welcomed in through the back door of the forgotten, over the heads of the millions found not fully nor gainfully employed in the bread basket of America..

like Mike Moore, the middle finger of White working class people who were left out of their jobs and their lifestyles, having to watch their children go far away just to find life,  not just a job..but life...

were the one's who voted the neo con liberalism out of existence
and it was Hillary who paid the price for it no doubt..

but the darker impulses we see underlying the foundation and the true spirit of how this was appealed to, came from another more potent and much more powerful institution

The federal and state and in some instances, the forgotten small town local courts who have treated individual rights as if they were so many plastic action figures on a children's gamestop table game...

They created the legal judicially created form of today's heavily immunitized local and state acting officials that can not be very easily held accountable and therefore the did as the ancient scriptures would say " they did what seemed right in their own says the Lord..."

    and for this reason.. the once held universal ideal that upheld the highest forms of constitutinality and all that flowed form those first principles and universal ideals meant, were no longer held as the boundaries and limitations upon a governmental actor, even as they acted wrongfully towards the citizens of their very government.

so, the truth and the universal notion of individual rights, today, is weakened and no longer holds true,

and with this, comes a rising up...of what always comes from the failure of the consensus of men and their rules, the breaching of the social contract in the form of a strongman arising who "will make the nation great again"

this is the talk and language of all Musollini's....   the fascist rise was begun not with only dick cheney and Bush's waterboarding white house lawyers and AG...

not only with what Snowden revealed to us about our own government's top down, complete capturing of every single keystroke on this computer I am writing on...

but, also, it was given its legal and powerful impetus, the first and second and third, and thousandth and hundred of thousandth

time, a judge, a federal magistrate, a hearing office a lawyer failed to grant a citizen their true 14 th Amendment Due Process...

inside of a hearing that held in the balance their entire life, their life's work, their career, their reputation

when high courts and high court appointed officials and hearing officers and lower courts

lie and lie seriously and intentionally disassociate themselves from the very founding principles that create the basis for what the law is in our open society

we have already taken the that which we see, hear and fear all around us today Germany, the tribunals who operated under a very highly developed set of laws before the rise of Nazism...were doing so under a formal Constitution and a formal set of due process standards.

However, in order to politically please the higher ups and commands and the prevailing winds of the day, politically

the courts of Germany long before the invasion of Poland, began to treat "the other" as if ...they were simply "fly over people" be stripped of their civil liberties, slowly almost hidden at first.

 it was then, they were lost   Germany as a republic lost its soul, inside its own courts, well before the people embraced and longed for a leader, a take them into the new millienial 1000 year reign of near heavenly rulership.

it was the german nationalists who decided to short cut the treatment of the individual and his/her right to due process and the truth,

that created inside the system for a rise of the Nazi party inside of Germany...

and so...i fear and more than just intellectually surmise

but i bear the very scars....of that which I write and speak herein

when a nation and when a high court chooses to ignore the most fundamental due process guarantees to its citizens to those its considers public enemies and to those who dare to be different and who decide to put their careers on the side of the unpopular, the disenfranchised the poor and outkast

then that nation no longer is operative of a truly open society  Democratic in form but dangerously overpowering of the individual, within its truer self...

in form we're a functioning democracy

but many, many of  my former clients, and acquaintances even today, i witness in my friends case...the housewife of a small town being tortured to death literally

because of the failure of the local courts and the lawyers to a person, simply do their jobs and to protect her civil liberties

whatever she is into, what ever she does and doesn't do good or bad

their abandonment wholesale...from high end super lawyers in Columbus, to the lowly bunch of local legalize

its hard to witness once again...that which I myself endured ...not so many years ago

and have to be treated to a front row seat

while her...and my own

and nearly every one i know...civil liberties, are being trampled upon, shorn, ripped into pieces
and even mocked and treated with deliberate indifference

not by the police outside....nor by the enemies from overseas

but by those seated in black robes

and those who bring their briefcases full of cookies and favors for judges

around those land granted rural appalachian courthouses, built in an era, when america was just industrializing

when Ameria's future wasn't as globally conceived

When its better technologically days were just ahead

when American's still believed....

and when courts and lawyers, to a larger degree....

had come from a place where a civil war over slavery and citizenship

had just become....a recent faded memory
but the afterglow
made everyone realize Lincoln stated in his final address

we either get along and "treat all humans, equally...or we as a nation that is dedicated to freedom will perish from the face the earth"

putting it bluntly if not paraphrased...

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