Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Is This A Silent Sign that Congress is Actually Listening to the First Major Police Protest Movement In American History?

Amazingly, Congress passes a bill requiring all citizen officer involved shootings data be collected and data banked.  I'm totally amazed Congress, with a conservative House, passed this bill, even now
this early into the movement.

This bills passage is a great first initial step, that is necessary to even begin to talk about the issue of police shootings and use of deadly force.  It had been passed before but quietly allowed to die off and never renewed.  The FOP powers influence kept it down after W...let it die.

But, now, suddenly Congress gets it and this is passed without ANY fanfare or even major media attention.  Its almost eerie, but if its true, it signals this movement has already turned serious heads in the power structure of this nation, including among those who without any such public anger and protests would have never considered such a move or even thought it possible.

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