Thursday, June 26, 2014

Robert Moses, The 64 Summer of Love and My Personal Field of Dreams; On Location and Set with Phil Roberston, Robert Moses and Danny Glover in "Freedom Song"

The movie Freedom Song is the one that I had the unique and personal honor to be invited to the set in 1999 to watch being made, throughout the summer of 99 in North Carolina on was during this movie's filming on set, I met and spent hours with its main historical figure, who was represented in the movie, Robert Moses. A true gentle giant in the field of American modern civil rights, was an unforgettable moment, and for hours, just he and I sat out under a old oak tree in the Carolina sun and wind, in the hot afternoon, but under the shade of a cool oak tree....his personal narrative told me....not only touched my soul but brought to mind the deepest reasons why ...we today, are never to forget...these men and women's sacrifices, their courage and their vulnerability yet the moral power of their critical youthful advocacy at a time, when it meant facing death up front and personal, to just to try to become true "change agents"... and their own youthful witness, which is uncompromising in the face of our greatest societal and personal evils of American modern era. the time spent with Robert Moses and others on the set of this film, with Danny Glover and other young AA actors and the Director /Writer, Phil A Robertson... became my own "field of dreams"; it also was the one true spiritual 'reward' non- material as it were... for all the hardships I and those very close to me, endured in that decade, ...for being allowed to be both be found by invite in such company and to be viewed by these leading figures ...for making my own personal "contribution" as they called it, this great American narrative ...and deeply profound living history of our modern era's march for civil rights....

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