Monday, November 26, 2012

The Supreme Court and Slavery in the 1850s - Race, Racism and the Law

The Supreme Court and Slavery in the 1850s - Race, Racism and the Law
by Prof Paul Finkelman

just as a note by the Executive Director of the Midwest Center about Prof Finkelman's
body of scholarship and his dedication to uncovering the real american jurisprudence
of both Pre and Post Civil War Eras as it relates to slavery, race and the struggle
over Constitutional issues that Slavery and its enforcement created for all aspects
of America's legal system both North and South

Prof Finkelman is probaby the leading scholar in the US on American Antebellum
History and US Jurisprudence in all aspects of southern slavery and its impact
on both Northern and Southern Courts and legislative acts

Any and all of his many books and law review articles are worthy to be read
by any student, lawyer or interested citizen or human rights adovcate and to do
so, is to read real genuine unvarnished actual American legal and social history

and his work is to afforded the highest of legal scholarship ever undertaken
in modern times,,,

having personally listened to a lecture given at Youngstown State University
by this prodigious law review author and Constitutional Scholar, its a joy
anytime to be able to post his work at the Midwest Center's site

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